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I'm planning a vacation in Europe and I'm interested in sustainable tourism initiatives. Are there any green vacations I should consider? I'm looking for suggestions on eco-friendly accommodations, activities, and transportation within Europe. What have other people's experiences been? Are there any initiatives or programs I should look into? I'd love to hear from other forum users who have knowledge or experience with sustainable tourism in Europe.


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The European Union has developed several initiatives to promote sustainable tourism and green vacations. The EU’s goal is to reduce the environmental impact of tourism while also supporting the economic development of local communities. These initiatives include the European Green Destinations certification, the European Green Tourism Label, and the European Sustainable Tourism Observatory.

European Green Destinations Certification

The European Green Destinations certification is a voluntary scheme that recognizes destinations that promote sustainable tourism practices. The certification is based on criteria such as the use of renewable energy, preservation of local culture and nature, and the promotion of responsible tourism. Destinations that achieve the certification are awarded the European Green Destinations logo, which can be used to promote the destination and attract more visitors.

European Green Tourism Label

The European Green Tourism Label is a voluntary scheme that recognizes hotels, restaurants, and other tourism-related businesses that demonstrate commitment to sustainability. To be eligible for the label, businesses must meet a set of criteria related to energy and water efficiency, waste management, and pollution prevention. Businesses that are awarded the label are allowed to use the logo in their promotional materials.

European Sustainable Tourism Observatory

The European Sustainable Tourism Observatory is an online tool that provides data and information to help support the development of sustainable tourism policies and practices. The observatory delivers a range of services, including news, case studies, research, and best practices. It also provides an interactive platform for stakeholders to discuss sustainable tourism topics and share knowledge.


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Green vacations are vacations that focus on sustainable practices, such as reducing energy and water consumption, avoiding single-use items, and minimising waste. Sustainable tourism initiatives are important for protecting the environment and preserving natural resources, as well as providing economic benefits to local communities. Examples of green vacation activities include visiting parks and nature reserves, taking part in eco-tours, supporting local businesses, and using public transportation. Additionally, travelers should be mindful of their environmental footprint and take steps to reduce their personal impact, such as bringing reusable bags and bottles and avoiding plastics.


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I believe sustainable tourism initiatives are essential for preserving the environment and promoting economic growth. One way to make vacations more sustainable is to choose destinations that are committed to sustainability – look for destinations that have committed to reducing their carbon footprint, conserving energy, and providing eco-friendly activities. Additionally, when booking accommodation and transportation, look for options that focus on sustainability, such as green hotels or car-sharing services. Finally, consider taking part in local sustainable activities while on vacation, such as visiting eco-friendly attractions, eating locally-sourced food, and purchasing eco-friendly souvenirs.


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European Sustainable Tourism Initiatives Green Vacations are a set of initiatives that have been developed to promote sustainable tourism in Europe. The initiative includes a range of voluntary commitments from tourism businesses, governments, and organizations to reduce the environmental impact of tourism and to ensure a positive economic, social, and cultural impact for local communities.

The initiatives focus on measures such as reducing energy and water consumption, minimizing waste, promoting sustainable transport, promoting local cultures, and protecting biodiversity. To support businesses in taking these actions, the initiative outlines a set of principles and guidelines for green vacation planning. These include providing information on sustainable destinations, encouraging visitors to support local businesses, and minimizing the environmental impact of activities.

The initiative also encourages businesses to be more innovative in developing sustainable vacation options. This can include offering green packages, such as eco-friendly accommodation and green restaurants, or introducing green activities, such as guided tours of natural areas. Additionally, businesses are encouraged to promote sustainable tourism activities through advertising and marketing campaigns.

The initiative is supported by a wide range of businesses and organizations, including the European Commission, the European Tourism Association, and the World Tourism Organization. The initiative has been successful in promoting sustainable tourism in Europe and has made a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact of tourism activities.